Create a special tribute

This free tribute service from the charity MuchLoved helps you to remember and commemorate your loved one in a very special way.

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Tribute features

MuchLoved Tributes are free and have a wealth of features, including:

Easy set up

You can create your tribute in just a few minutes and no computer programming or website experience is needed. There is a simple 5 step process to follow and you can then view and share your website immediately.

You are provided with a unique web address which is yours to keep. For example a website to Jack Smith might be, but you can select your own name (such as a nickname) if you prefer.

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Beautiful designs

There are over 100 sensitive and inspiring design templates for you to choose from to act as a backdrop to your website. These include themes based on love, memories, flowers, seasons, the natural world and landscapes. To complement this you can set colours and patterned borders to make your Tribute truly unique.

Memorial website tribute features - Example tributes

You can personalise everything and if you choose not to add particular types of item such as Video, then the Video Gallery will not appear to your visitors (rather than showing as an empty Gallery). We want your Tribute to look beautiful, regardless of what information you provide or how much you add. Likewise, we promise you that we will never ever show adverts or similar promotional material on your Tribute; it is your site, designed for you.

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Many areas such as Candles, Thoughts, Stories and Galleries

Memorial website tribute features - Many options such as Thoughts, Stories and GalleryYour Tribute memorial has an initial entrance page where you display your main words of tribute and picture slideshow, but you can if you wish develop your Tribute much further and create as many pages as you want.

There are sections available for you to preserve messages of condolence, tell life stories, record key life events, light candles, keep a journal, display picture and video galleries, and more.

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You can continually update and develop your site

After setting up your initial website, you can then add, delete and amend everything whenever and how often you want, without limit or charge within a generous memory allowance.

Examples may be changing the design template, updating your main words of tribute, adding more pictures and music or even starting to use your site to fundraise for a chosen charity in memory.

Our aim is that your Tribute is of help and relevance to you throughout your grieving process and so it is important that you can develop and update it at any time.

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Adding stories and keeping a personal diary

Memorial website tribute features - Adding stories and keeping a personal diaryYou can add as many stories as you wish, short or long. You can build up a Life Story of many, many chapters if you wish and by providing the point or period of time they took place, an automatic Timeline will be created for you as well.

You can also keep a personal diary on your Tribute for recording your feelings and your journey through grief. This can be kept totally private if you wish, even to invited guests.

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Adding photos, music and video

Memorial website tribute features - Adding photos, music and videoYou can easily add photos, music and video which you can organise in your Tribute Library facility to show in your Gallery. You can link any of these to display with particular stories and you can create a personalised slideshow for your main Tribute page.

You can also create your own music play list for visitors to listen to as they browse, with full audio controls to pause, adjust volume or mute.

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Full control over access and contributions

You can decide whether to allow public or private access to your Tribute. Even if you do not want public access you can still enable selected people to visit using your own easy 'Invite' facility in Settings.

You can also decide whether to allow contributions to your site from visitors (such as messages of condolence) and you are given the option to approve them before they are posted onto your Tribute.

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A sensitive way of inviting friends and family

We provide you with a special invitation facility so that you can invite your chosen guests, even when you keep your Tribute private from anyone else.

You can also share your Tribute or just particular pages on Facebook, Twitter and other popular social networks.

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You can raise funds for your favourite charity

Memorial website tribute features - You can raise funds for your favourite charityYou can choose a favourite charity so that guests can make in-memory donations that display on your Tribute. There are also options to record all manner of in memory fundraising events and occasions so that you can develop a Tribute Fund should you wish.

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Facility to add a Funeral Notice

You can add funeral arrangements onto your Tribute site including a printable map and instructions for guests. This can include any specific requests such as what to wear along with the time, date and location of the service and any wake or gathering afterwards.

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We keep your site online for perpetuity

MuchLoved hosts your Tribute online for you, for as long as you want so that you can create a truly special lasting memorial for future generations to visit and find out about your loved one.

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The Remembrance Gardens

Once your Tribute is created you can elect to add it to one of our beautiful Remembrance Gardens. The gardens allow your Tribute to be visited easily by friends and family and provide a restful setting for your memorial.

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Where to next ?

We are the Registered UK Charity that has pioneered memorial websites since 2006 and has over 200,000 members. You can find out more here.

You can add funeral arrangements including a map and instructions for guests. It is also ideal for collecting donations for your chosen charities.

MuchLoved was chosen as Best Bereavement Resource at the 2016 Good Funeral Awards.
Starting a Tribute Fund in memory of your loved one is an increasingly popular way to honour and cherish their memory.

MuchLoved is a Registered Charity No. 1118590